Why isn't abortion illegal?


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Let me ask you a question: Why should it be illegal?

My guess (and feel free to correct me if I am wrong) is that you will say that you disagree with it, believe it to be murder or perhaps think it is morally wrong. But any one of these things is an opinion.

I'm not going to say if you are wrong or right, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

The issue around the legalisation of abortion is that some people disagree with it and some people agree. So by making it illegal you would anger the people who agree with it, but by making it legal you would anger the people who disagree with it.

Personally, I think the solution is to make it legal. People who disagree with abortion don't have to have one, but at least the option is there for those who agree with it.

The problem, it seems, comes when those who disagree want to stop those who agree from doing it.

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Darik Majoren
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Depending on when the nervous system is complete, I am sure it can feel pain. I am also sure it can move around . . but what about consciousness . . . the knowledge of knowing what it is and what is happening . . . do you remember your birth?
How about if you were circumcised or not? That would be very traumatizing and possibly my first memory but I have no recollection . . . and I have a REAL good memory.
Taylor Brookes
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But is it murder? Some people say yes, some say no, and that's what this whole debate comes down to.
Darik Majoren
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I agree Taylor.
When does this person become an individual human and not just an embryo - fetus.
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It's a woman's right to choose. Plus, it keeps the back alley "abortion doctors" out of business which saves women's lives.

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Todd Drehfal
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Your only real issue is that I don't accept your self-appointment as a walking dictionary who possesses the ability to define words as you see fit. Redefining a murder, fetus, baby, and so forth. Murder is taking life regardless of whether or not there is malice involved. I may decide to murder a criminal for the common good of the people around me but it's still murder. Life in the biological sense is that which is alive and babies in the womb kick and interact with sound they hear from the outside; just because you believe women are the superior gender doesn't give you the right to slaughter men or babies and your "right" to choose how to define words only deserves ridicule. This is a moot point though because no feminazi complains about older males that force young and sometimes underage girls to abort the baby because the father doesn't want it. Every time a baby dies you are happy.
Todd Drehfal
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You merely twisted everything I said. Step down as Kai, Kay. Bajor doesn't need you, Jake and Benjamin agree and you and Dukat can consort with one another all you want but the Pa Wraiths are simply not loyal to you, Adami.
Todd Drehfal
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No amount of argumentation could possibly convince you you aren't the center of the universe. I rest my case and the court will now enjoy a temporary recess as the jury prepares for deliberation. In your case, perhaps you should return to your D'jara. It suits you. You needn't be jealous of the Sisko. Get over it.
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Because then if you illegalize abortion entirely you start delving into women's rights. If a woman is sick, underage, or the baby is a product of incest/rape or anything like that then its understandable why she'd want the abortion. However, if you legalize abortion without any limits then you anger the more conservative people in the country. Its a tough political hot-potato that nobody really wants.

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ZombieE Lee
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Maybe if we let gay people adopt abortion wouldn't be such an issue! Just kidding, I know those issues are unrelated. Still though, I bet it would help a little.
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It used to be illegal. Lots of women who found themselves with untenable pregnancies died at the hands of back-yard abortionists. Do you want to go back to that?

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I listened to so many people and heard so many opinions over this matter. I never could find a reason why it should be illegal. Not anything reasonable in my world.

Simply it's a personal choice. It's no one's business but the person who choose this. If i be a girl i would simply say: It's my life, it's my body and i can do anything i want to my body and with my life, it's literally no one's business. Thanks to science we have options and it's my own business if i wanna use this option or not.

There's a tone of reasons which makes it right for every person to have this option. (i wrote what i could think of as much as i could but i couldn't post it cause of bad language. Changed the key words yet it didn't worked)

This becomes so much stronger when you discuss it inside the United States of America. Our lifestyle's priority is freedom. Means we have high rights as citizens. We have rights to speak, write and do. It's someone's right to invent it, it's someone's right to represent it (planned parenthood for instance) and it's someone's right to use it. It's part of our rights and it always will be legal, if it happens otherwise, it would violent the principle we stood for and in the same time it would violent the human rights.

It is not suit to force people to go on with pregnancy, it's not 2000 years ago! We living in 21 century, science progressed and we have certain rights.

It's simply matter of choice. The option has to be there. You don't like it ? Don't do it. It's good we all learn to mind our own business and life and not be offended about why people choose and live the way i don't like ?

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Miscarriages (spontaneous abortions) happen naturally all the time!  The medical procedure is much safer than pregnancy and childbirth.  There's no reason for it to be illegal.  How do you justify making a woman undergone a risky process against her will?  I've got two kids and I suffered irreversible brain damage delivering my second.  I've been on medication for 15 years and will be for the rest of my life.  I have to deal with a lot of side effects from the disease and the medication.  I also know a woman who had a massive stroke related to giving birth and is in a wheelchair.

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Thrice Gotcha
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im sorry about what happened it sounds like the doctors at the hospital made a mistake or messed up but i wish you all the best
PJ Stein
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Thrice, I hope you are young, because inexperience and lack of knowledge would be the only excuse for your comments. You should never ask someonewhat medications they are on unless they are someone extremely close to you, It is none of your business. Secondly, childbirth is extremely difficult and risky even for healthy women. Things happen, often without rhyme or reason. For you to ask questions or make judgements is incredibly rude. I am not trying to attack you, and if it seems that way, I am sorry. I am just trying to educate you on some proper etiquette. Medical issues are extremely personaly and if Moga wanted to share anymore than she already had she would have done so. Please think twice before asking such personal questions.
Moga Deet
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I don't mind answering. I have a condition called Sheehan's Syndrome which is caused by damage to the pituitary due to major blood loss during childbirth. Most pregnancies go well, but there is some risk. I take replacement steroids. If I get sick, my body doesn't produce cortisol in response, so a minor illness can lead to hospitalization. The years of taking steroids has led to arthritis (both osteo and rheumatoid). If you want to study something of mind-blowing complexity, study endocrinology! I fully understand that abortion is an emotional issue.
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Simply put ... If you make abortion illegal, you must pass "enabling legislation".  This is legislation/rules that tell HOW you will enforce the law.

So the first "enabling legislation" would be to register every woman who has started her menstrual cycles.  Why?  So the government can monitor them, to see if they may be pregnant.

Then you have to regularly monitor every woman who may be pregnant.  After all, you have to ensure she doesn't do anything to endanger the pregnancy.  It may even have to include forbidding women from leaving the country while pregnant, to ensure they don't get an abortion elsewhere.

Oh!  And if there is a miscarriage ... The government has to investigate it as a possible abortion.

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Walt O'Reagun
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If you don't see "the problem" after thinking through the "unintended consequences" I state ... and those are only a couple of the most obvious ... I won't waste further time on it
Thrice Gotcha
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i was being sarcastic walt ;P indeed it wouldn't be practical
Walt O'Reagun
Walt O'Reagun commented
Sorry ... hard to tell with just words, sometimes.
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Because currently the value lays with women's decision. The unborn fetus is just that, an unborn fetus.

The disagreement is when does the fetus, become classified as a human being with rights? This is not an easy "Black and White" question.

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Abortions have been legal in the US since before I became sexually active. I know people who have had them and they all had their reasons and they are not for me to judge.

My mother's generation was another story. Many women who became pregnant had to have children they didn't want or could care for. Others opted for "back alley" abortions. Many women became very ill from infections and some died from them. Others died from botched procedures and bled out. Since the procedure was done illegally no one took them to a hospital to get help. Their bodies were dumped.

I was eleven years old when Roe v. Wade passed. The look on my mother's face when it did, is not one I will ever forget. She never needed an abortion, but she had a friend who did. They found her body in the city dump. She died from a botched abortion. If they had taken her to the hospital immediately she could have been saved. My mother was relieved none of her children will not have to know the feeling of losing a friend that way.  Making them illegal will not make them go away. It will only allow people to prey on desperate women.

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Apparently because many don't believe that a beating heart constitutes a "person", that and the woman has the "right to choose" what happens to her own body but the "non person" doesn't have that right.

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Cookie Roma
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Absurd. Wow. You never heard me call your view absurd. Oh that's right!!! My view is clearly now the "correct" view. There's not even an infinitesimal chance that I just might be right.
Thrice Gotcha
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this question has truly proven to be a contentious one, both side have very valid points so i will hold no opinion
Cookie Roma
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I rest my case!
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Another way of asking your question is: "Why hasn't abortion been criminalized?"

Then, rather than discussing whether it is right or wrong, a personal choice, or a societal issue, you can discuss the pros and cons of making it illegal.

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