What could possibly be wrong with me? My whole body feels completely numb, I have no feeling of hunger, thirst, to go to the bathroom, pain, temperature, taste or feel. I feel like a robot.


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Matt Radiance answered

I'm sorry that i have to tell you this. But your sickness is pretty bad. You infected to Troll virus. I don't know how long you gonna make it. I'm sorry.

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Ty Hibb answered

Besides the problem that you describe you have an even greater problem by not realizing that you should be seeing a doctor. Please take the time to see a doctor. I came within 3 days of losing my life by doing what you are doing. When I finally saw the doctor he in fact ending up saving my life. Please take your symptoms seriously.

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Thrice Gotcha answered

are you taking any medication

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Cookie Roma answered

This is hardly the place to find an accurate diagnosis. See a doctor. 

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Walt O'Reagun answered

If you seriously don't feel pain ... You have a nerve disorder that requires special diagnosis and treatment.

I have a friend with a similar problem, and she has to constantly be VERY careful - since she could literally cut her arm off and not feel it.

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That sounds really bad.  If you can't get in to see a doctor, I'd go straight to Emergency.

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