I Have Been In Pain For Months. My Shoulders Feel Bruised ,Top Of My Arms Are Tender To Touch ,fingers Go Numb. I Have Sore Spots On My Head Varies In Areas,feels Like I Opened A Cabinet Door On Myself. Neck Is Very Stiff Especially On My Right Side. What Could It Be?


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wilbert u can call me sue Profile
It is amazing how old injuries come back to haunt us later in life.  I started suffering from arthritis, and every little injury, especially when it's damp out hurt with a vengence.  My son lives out in PEI, and wants me to retire there.  I dread the thought as it is pretty dry up north here in Timmins most  of the time.  I see an accupunturist for relief.  Helps more than any pain medication.  Not only that, pain medication really does a number on your liver. B12 shots are what I am getting as well

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