How is it Bill Cosby gets a bond, yet in 1990 I had no bond on a possession of drugs charge? Is the court system screwed up?


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I'll bet you couldn't hire the kind of lawyers Cosby hired, Otis. Nice to see you here. :)

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A warrant was issued for Cosby's arrest. He arranged to turn himself in to police and thus it was not necessary for police to locate, arrest, throw him to the ground to subdue him, nor transport him to jail.

"It must be recognized that bail is not meant as a
punishment. It is meant to secure the appearance of the accused. The ability to
be accorded reasonable bail is something that the founders of our nation
believed in strongly enough to include in the Bill of Rights. Specifically, the
Eighth Amendment leads off by stating that 'excessive bail shall not be
required . . ..' "

Whether or not bail is granted is at the discretion at the judge, but he must follow certain principles in granting or denying bail.

But even one of my law professors once commented:  "The law does not do total justice."

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