If you are on prescription marijuana when sent to jail, should they supply it to you?


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I know that they should supply your prescription for your normal medications. When a family member went to jail for a week they did not supply her with her medication for her bi-polar condition. She has a bi-polar condition that if she doesn't regularly take her medication she is at risk for a psychotic break. 

They weren't concerned about that. If she had been on high blood pressure medication I wonder if they would have given her that. Probably. So, I think they only give you medication that without it it could be life threatening. I don't think that if you are without marijuana that that would be deemed as life threatening.

Also, although marijuana in some states is legal on a federal level it is still illegal.

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Sad about your friend. Most likely they will not give you any medication or needed medical attention, without constant demands from a family/friend or lawyer demanding you get your meds. Sad.
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No they should not. But in America the convict will sue and get the right to do just about anything s/he pleases. Especially if its questionable.

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It's JAIL...of course not

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