Why is it that people still in their drug addiction are mad at me because I call the law on them, and they know I used to be an addict but I have been 16 years sober.


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You cannot force someone to get help, they have to want it. I have a sister-in-law that has had 5 DUI's lost her apartment 2 times now,  nearly lost her life falling down the stairs and spending 2 months in the hospital, had no brains before she was injured and really has none now (major brain injury), and expects everyone to help her out, when she gets in trouble, but STILL does not think she needs help. Give up on them Otis, that's the next step, don't enable them.

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Oh i dont enable no one my family threw me to the dogs and thats when i got sober its just i seen this guy lose about 100lb from smoking meth its killing him i can see it but he can not
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All you can do is be  there for them when they hit bottom, with advice on how to stay sober etc. Unfortunately you cannot help them till they bottom out.

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Don't worry about it Otis ! You're doing the right thing and have been for 16 years ! They have to find out the right way also. Just some are just stubborn. You're doing the good thing buddy ! Hang in there and it'll all pay off in time !

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My uncle used to be a drug addict. He realized that he had a problem, so he went to rehab on his own initiative. When the doctors decided that he is cured, he called home and said that he is taking a train and coming back home.

The next day they found him dead, overdosed, in the station bathroom. It seems that he stumbled upon an old friend and wanted to give it that one last shot.

He left his wife and a daughter behind. His daughter is 14 now, and is A grade student. His ex wife finished school, now she is a doctor, helping addicts.

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I guess in many cases, law enforcement aren't concerned with treating addiction, they are merely focused on detaining, convicting and incarcerating criminals.

From what I've seen, a run in with the law doesn't necessarily cure drug addiction, and time in jail can even make the situation worse.

With this in mind, I can imagine that any drug addict who you reported to the police wouldn't be best pleased.

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If I were to take a guess, Otis, I would guess that since you have "been there, done that", you're supposed to turn a blind eye to their illegal activities, such as driving drunk or using drugs.

You've been in their shoes, you know what they are going through. Just because you made it to the other side (sobriety), you're supposed to remember what it feels like to have addiction in your life. At least, that's what I'm guessing they're thinking.

However, in order to keep maintaining your sobriety, it does force you to make certain choices, such as not being around addicts or that type of behavior.

Unless you're giving your story, or your testimony, to these folks, you might consider limiting your contact with them. You certainly don't want to compromise all the progress you have made in your life, Otis. Hope this helps.

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I think they would be mad at anyone who called the law on them. That means they need to at least temporarily face the fact they are an addict. If they say anything to you be a former addict, it is just a way to deflect the blame on someone else. Again not wanting to face their problem.

Let it go. It is their problem and not yours.

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