How to get rid of self harm scars?


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scars are forever it shows us that the past was real

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If you rub coco butter on them everyday for a while it will help them fade, but it wont get rid of them. It depends on how deep they were if there pretty small they should just mostly fade over time, but if they're big then they may require work. Good luck.

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Although the effects depend on the serious level of your situation, but Here are some tips you can apply to cure your scars.

1. Coconut Oil

Known as a rich source of vitamin E, coconut oil can quicken the healing process of the injuries on the skin and reduce the formation of new scars.

2. Olive Oil

Olive oil is also abundant of vitamin E, which moistens and softens the skin effectively. If you want better results, try using extra-virgin olive oil.

3. Aloe VeraWith antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, aloe vera is the next suggestion on how to fade scars that you should remember. Known as a natural emollient, aloe vera can speed up the recovery of damaged skin cells and the regeneration of new cells.

4. Vitamin E Oil

With strong antixodiant effects, vitamin E oil can appear among tips on how to fade scars. Its richness of moisture can make sure that your skin is not dehydrated.

5. Tea Tree OilOne of the strongest features of tea tree oil is its powerful anti-inflammatory quality, which plays an important role in the effort to fade scars

6. LemonAlpha hydroxy acids, which are present in lemon, are the key to the treatment of every kind of scars.

In addition, its high amount of vitamin C can generate more skin cells. The bleaching quality of lemon is also beneficial for lightening the skin.

You can try a little and enjoy the result!

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