I stopped self harming long ago and my scars on my legs are invisible. But then i realized,once they get exposed to light,they show off! Even the very first scars.Is there any way to get rid of them?


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Oh, I do know your feelings because I used to had a terrible scar at my arm and it’s the result of that time when I fell down in trying to climb 7 years ago.

I cried so bad and felt less- confident at school. However, after applying these tips guided by mother, my scar mostly disappeared and it’s now so difficult to find it on my arm.

Here are the recipes:

Aloe Vera

The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of Aloe Vera can improve the healing process of injured skin as well as promote healthy skin through affecting on the texture of skin

It’s so easy to use it:

  • Take the gel from Aloe Vera leaves and apply directly on the scar.
  • Massage circularly for a while and after about 30 minutes, clean the gel off.
  • Perform twice per day.

Coconut Oil

Vitamin E with antioxidant property can improve the healing process and prevent any new scar. Furthermore, the capric, lauric and caprylic acids from coconut oil can promote the production of collagen

Here is the way you can apply:

  • Warm up the oil and apply on the scar.
  • Massage the scar area for about 10 minutes.
  • Do not clean for at least 1 hour so that the oil can be absorbed through the skin.
  • Perform 2 to 4 times per day.

Vitamin E Oil

  • Take the oil from vitamin E capsules
  • Directly apply the oil onto the scar.
  • Massage the area for at least 10 minutes.
  • After about 20 minutes, clean off with water.
  • Perform couples of time per day.

Olive Oil

  • Warm up the oil and apply directly on the scar. Massage circularly for a while. After about 30m minutes, clean it off or you can choose to leave it there through the night.
  • For better effective, mix olive oil with lavender oil, then repeat the same procedure as above. However, you will need to clean the oil off this time with warm water.
  • Perform the remedy couples of time per day.


  • Take the juice and directly apply on the scar. For people with sensitive skin, you can mix with either vitamin E oil or rose water before applying.
  • After about 10 minutes, clean off using warm water.
  • Perform once per day.

There’re total 15 ways listed by Authority Remedies to remove your scar. Good luck!

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