As a transgender woman how large should I make my breasts, I am 5 foot 9 and have a 39 inch chest? I am considering DD.  Or DDD so I will be noticed.
I went to Victoria secretes to day because my bras wear fitting a hair to tight and had myself measured I am a 38 D now but I find that the 36 DD seems to feel better.


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One of the traps in gender realignment is continuing to think as you were before -- you need to think as a woman. Bigger ain't necessarily better. If you have control over the size you need something that looks appropriate on your frame.

Scrolling down, I see you've asked similar questions about different parts of your anatomy which makes me regret answering at all. Are you simply a troll?

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Fair enough.

My answer comes from close experience. My daughter started out life as a son and I'm aware of some of the problems she has faced. One of them, of which she was not aware, is that although she is now a woman she spent her childhood and her early adulthood as a male and, consequently, fell into male patterns of thought. It ain't easy making the transition.

The reason for my "troll" query was the number of specific questions you asked instead of a single all-encompassing question. It's a method often used by young boys trying to ask provocative questions. I'm sorry I confused you with them.
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Whatever you feel comfortable with.

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You do not want to go DDD. I have that and the attention they get it not usually positive. People seem to think women can either have big boob OR a brain, not both. It tends to attract neanderthals. Not to mention how hard it is to find clothes that fit. I wouldn't go any larger than a D. There is a also a lot of weight that goes into larger breast size, which often results in neck and shoulder pain and you end up needing a reduction later. Save yourself the pain and the hassle.

With all the questions you are asking, I have to wonder what your doctors are saying? From my understanding there is a lot of imput from the surgeons and there is a lot of counseling that goes along with gender reassignment. They should be discussing all this with you.

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