Does anyone have experience with eating gluten-free, or wheat-free? Any opinions?

My cousin read the book WHEAT BELLY, and decided to give it a try. In a year she shed 40 unneeded pounds, and her painful inflamed knee was much better. I am thinking about trying it, but it seems like a lot of work!


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Unless you actually have Celiac disease and a true allergy, gluten-free is just a dying fad unlike that of the fat-free fad.

Bottom line is that if you want to lose weight, you cut your caloric intake. That's all there is to it. These fads seem to work because while people are following these fads, they actually believe it or not.. WATCH what they eat. Also people eating gluten free area also eating less carbohydrates. Carbohydrates rare a fast burning energy, so unless you're really active all of that bread, rice, pasta, and beer is going to end up lining  your gut and waist.

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Dear Virginia

I don't know any who has been on a Gluten-Free diet, I've briefly read that  eliminating gluten from your diet could possibly help you lose some weight. However, on the other hand I heard you need gluten and it's now a FAD to get rid of it. More money if products claim they have removed it. I had heard some folks are allergic to gluten.

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Virginia Lou
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Another fad...DDX above mentioned that too...
Plus the fact that we may need gluten, thank you Jann I had not considered that!
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Yeah i am following gluten free foods i  eat millet foods such as foxtail millet ,kodo millet ,little millet,proso millet etc eating these i have reduced 5kg of weight,they are healthy and gluten free but beware these millets they are rich in goitrogens they affect thyroid,eat millets in moderation kindly consider doctor before doing any changes according to your age.Hope this helps

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Virginia Lou
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Gokula Krishnan, I had not heard the term goitrogen, I looked it up and learned it is a substance that interferes with Iodine uptake!
Thank you very much for your information.
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I'm not sure it has any value for the average person. It's a fad in Oz. Supermarkets are promoting it and, just this week, I noticed that a local coffee shop had a "gluten free Friday".

It's a fad which I would only consider if my doctor told me I needed it.

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Virginia Lou
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Dozy I notice even the King Arthur website is on the bandwagon! Maybe you have that brand of flour in Australia, quite well-known here...

I am finding these answers quite helpful...a good perspective.
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No, we don't have that one. If it helps to sell goods I'm sure many advertisers will join in the promotion.

I wonder if it's just a myth, like "Breakfast is the healthiest meal of the day" which, I think you know, was a Kelloggs promotion in the 1920s.
Virginia Lou
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Yes! That breakfast stuff never made any sense to me...just naturally, if you are not doing heavy work, you tend to eat lightly in the mornings.
As for GF, the flours are very expensive; although the way my cousin does it, she just eats the food from her farm, and for grain uses mainly oatmeal....keeps bread and pastry on hand for her family...
I ate her diet when I stayed with her during those terrible fires in 2015, about a month, and I did like it.

It does make sense to me not to eat as much wheat flour as we do; I may just experiment with other grains, but no drastic changes.
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I read the same book.  I've been gluten free for a couple years  I love it.  I lost 40 lbs. In my abdomen area.  Went from a 34" waist to 30".  Many great gluten free recipes on the web.

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Virginia Lou
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Oh, Four Palmz, yes I forgot!!!
My cousin mentioned that the weight she lost, it was in her abdomen...and she just feels so much better, and she lost the weight without even trying...eating all she wanted.

Thank you, that is quite encouraging.

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