Has anyone ever had stitches on there head or face?I just got back from ER, I have to go to school now with this.did u do to cover it up or make ur self look good.Its also my birthday tomorrow and I don't wanna look like chucky and scare my crush off!


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I had them on my head just above the hairline on my forehead. While you couldn't see them, I wasn't allowed to wash my hair for 3-4 days, and I had very oily hair back then. I rinsed the back of my hair out, but my bangs were gross. And I couldn't wear a hat because of where the stitches were. It was not pretty but I got through it.

Play the sympathy card. Instead of thinking you will scare your crush off, think about how your crush can try to take care of you instead. And frankly if a few stitches scares anyone off, they aren't worth your time or your affection.

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Work with what you've got. Do exactly what the doctor said and work around it. Don't put anything on it, but maybe try working your hair in a style that would minimize it a bit. Being that it's your birthday maybe mom, sister or best friend could help you with your hair and maybe a little eye make-up. It would be a nice way to start your day. Wear your favorite outfit, and rock those stitches. Don't forget a big smile. Happy Birthday. :)

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OUCHHHHHH that's terrible!

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My lower lip. The Surgeon did an excellent job. I'm thankful the glass didn't cut my lip deeper.

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I would be very cautious about trying to 'cover it up' .. Especially if you are intending to use make up .. You will very likely cause infection.  Makeup is teaming with bacteria, and on such a fresh wound, it would be very likely that you will cause more harm than good.

Don't worry about appearances .. If your crush (or any of your so called friends) have any level of good character .. They will understand what you are going through, and perhaps even show some sympathy for your injury.

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When I was about 20 years old, I was hit in the head by a 200 pound cheese block (don't ask) that was still in it's wooden frame. I got stitches from right above my ear area to the back crown of my head. It was about 7 inches long and looked just like a zipper. All of my friends called me Zipper Head for a month or two. I wore a hat when going out in public but wasn't able to wear one at work and I met a lot of girls because of it. It was a great conversation starter.

You'll be just fine and you can make up a cool story to explain the stitches. Hope you have a great birthday.

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Oh Hippy... I hear you.
I'll never pretend to say to others that old cliche, "I understand." I do empathize.
Our bodies rack up mileage on this spinning globe. That story is "city mileage" despite the rural setting.
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thanks and ouch that's terrible!
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Yes I have had stitches on my face. When I was 10 I road my bike across a busy street and didn't look both ways properly. I was hit by a car and my face went into the windshield ripping my upper lip completely off and ripped it down to the left jaw line. About 200 stitches. I never worried about covering it up, I just dealt with it.

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I have only six and its just below my hairline v
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You'll be ok, I'm 60 now, still have the scar, but I also now have a full beard, so no one sees it anymore. But 6 stitches will fade in time. My lip used to turn blue in cold weather, the Dr's said it would be that way the rest of my life, but they were wrong. Any more it just makes for a slightly crooked smile.

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