Possession of marijuana charge, but was not in possession or aware that it was even around me??


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Details continued: My brother smokes weed 24/7, everyday. I don't smoke at all. One night I was with him and we got pulled over in his car. The car ended up getting searched because of the smell of alcohol. The cops ended up finding less than 0.10g of weed in the passenger floor board and since that's where I was sitting and it was in my reach, I got the ticket. On my first court date, my attorney told me that my brother was caught on the cops security camera of him switching weed from his pocket to his sock. My brother is going to take probation and a fine for that but still won't confess to what was found in the floor board. Even though he confessed to me that night that a few days before they had dropped some in the passenger floor. And he confessed in text but switched it up to they dropped it in the console and picked it up and smoked it. My attorney said it's a bullcrap case, so I'm fighting it. But if I lose I get a year in jail. I got a kid on the way and my own house and car. I don't want to lose all that for my brothers mistakes. How can I help my case? Anyone else been through something similar? Should I take a drug test even tho this happened months ago? Would the texts from my brother help my case?

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I was so shocked that day that it just slipped my mind, I have no idea why I didn't. He's been busy now. Plus, I was just wanting to see if other people have gone thru the same situation and what their outcome was. Maybe it'll put some ease to my mind. Lol
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Yeah Its all good I dont blame you for freaking. Wait for some more replies, some helpful answers might to time but maybe someone can help you better here.
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Here in texas everyone in the car takes the charge. You will probably get probation and get a fine. Watch out who u hang around with

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