how to get good dental health?


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Good dental health starts on the inside. A balanced diet that includes calcium and vitamins A, C, and D will help the teeth develop, from the womb to the time that they are fully formed. Good eating habits will help you maintain healthy teeth, but beware of a diet rich in sugar! It will increase the risk of cavities.

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The essential things of keep teeth being healthy that we should brush the teeth 2 or 3 time par day, but as people work so they can't do it 3 times ,at least 2 times once in the morning and another at night before sleeping. Further more, we have to go to see the dentist at least once per year for checking and washing deeply the teeth.

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Brush your teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day with a fluoride toothpaste.

Clean in between your teeth at least once a day using interdental brushes or floss.

To check if you have bad breath lick your wrist, let it dry and give it a sniff, if it smells your breath probably does too.

Chew sugar-free gum after eating or drinking, especially sugary foods, to help protect your teeth and gums in between meals.

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Maintain a healthy diet. Brush at least twice a day 

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1.  Rinse or chew gum
after meals. In addition to brushing and flossing, rinsing your mouth with an
antibacterial rinse can help prevent decay and gum problems. ...

2.  Block blows to
teeth. ...

3.  Don't smoke or use
smokeless tobacco. ...

4.  Eat smart. ...

5.  Avoid sugary foods.

6.  Make an

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