Do you remember the name of the very first Doctor you had when you were a kid?


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Tom Jackson answered

Only from the age of 7.  I had had my tonsils out when I was 6, but I don't remember anything about him except for having to go to his office on Christmas day for a penicillin shot.

At any rate, Dr. Weiner actually made house calls.  I was pretty sick as a child.  He would come by to see me on the way to the office and he frequently stayed for breakfast before going to work.

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Rooster Cogburn
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I remember those house calls ! Sure do miss them !
Tom  Jackson
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Yep---very convenient.

I actually had a chiropractor about 3 years ago that would come to the house to treat my wife and me.
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Dr. Anderson. Probably the best doctor I've ever had. He listened to his patients rather than forced his diagnoses.

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Neon Black answered

My uncle! So yeah I remember his name.

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Ancient Hippy answered

I remember him well. His name was Dr. Frebraro and he made house calls. He charged according to how much money was in my fathers wallet. If dad had about $5 in his wallet, the doc would take $1, if he had $10, he would take $2 and so on up the scale. You always had a choice of a lollypop or a pretzel stick when he was done checking you out. I usually chose the pretzel stick.

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PJ Stein answered

We moved a round a bit so I do not remember up to the age of three. From 3-4 was Dr. Valentine, who was also my grandparents landlord.

From 4-8 was Dr. Carroll. He made house calls, and was just one fo those really caring doctors that are really hard to find nowdays. I remember him showing up at our house around 11:00 at night in a snow storm because I had the flu. I also remebering him bringing by two cases of Pepsi in cans after my mother swallowed glass after drinking from a bottle.

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Ray Dart answered

He was Doctor Pole (and he actually was Polish, one of those left stranded in England after the war ended and his country was stolen by the USSR).

I have often wondered since whether his name was unwriteable and unpronouncable in English and he chose just to call himself Dr Pole because it was easier.

(I guess it would have been just "marginal gains" if he had come from Bosnia-Herzegovina.)

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No. We moved around so much that I had a different doctor all the time.

My niece had a doctor named Dr. Payne. She would cry if you mentioned his name. Poor thing. :(

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Levi F. answered

I do not remember her name, but I'm pretty sure she was Filipina and had a Spanish surname. I remember her being really nice.

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I remember! It was Dr. Kanaris and we had to take 2 buses to see him (Mom never learned to drive). I couldn't understand a thing he said with his thick Greek accent, but my Mom swore by him.

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John McCann answered

Dr Doll.

An old man who was hard pressed to give my brothers their injections. You would have thought he was trying to kill them the way they screamed and ran around the office.

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Cindy Lou answered was some French name when I lived in Canada and yes he made house calls.

Then after that it was a series of masochistic sadistic doctors in the military hospitals-which I guess isn't fair to say that they ALL were, but they were overworked and grouchy.

I remember one doctor when I first got to Okinawa. I had scratched at a strange jungle bug bite I got there and it got infected and it went septic.

I was only 6 years old and got VERY sick at school and my first grade teacher looked so scared. Anyway, that doctor was really nice .

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I moved from Sydney when I was only 5-6 months old, so I don't remember my first doctor.  I would have had a lot of doctors because of my heart, but before my parents moved to Sydney, they had a doctor, and then we had the same one after they moved back.  After almost sixteen years, we still see the same man. We don't change because I have such a complex medical history and the last time my dad saw someone else, he ended up needing finger surgery because the Doctor wasn't very good.

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Didge Doo answered

From the age of 4, for about 12 years, that would have been Dr Callose. Competent, Italian, a bit stand-offish. I liked him fine but I was also a little in awe of him.

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Yes my old time doctor was, Dr William Rongaus , nickname Dr Bill and he would make house calls and come to the house. That was back in 1968 and i believe he practiced medicine to 1981-82 than he retired.

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