I'm 13, I don't have my period yet, Ive had discharge for a year, my vagina smells so bad. I tried spraying perfume but nothing works, the smell is so bad that when I open my legs I can smell it, please help me with how to get rid of the smell?


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Sorry - you cannot and should not spray perfume in your private area. I would hate for you to develop an allergy or sensitivity to the perfume and have you deal with an outbreak.

If you are experiencing itching as well, you might have a yeast infection. Speak to your mom and tell her what's going on. She will be able to help you.

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You might just be overwashing or washing with the wrong thing ie perfumed soaps etc. The vagina is very delicate and anything can upset the natural balance of bacteria and micro-organisms in the vagina.

Thrush is an upset of the balance of candida and Bacterial Vaginosis is an upset in the balance of bacteria. The first can be treated with pessaries, tablet and cream and the second can be taken care of with antibiotics. Talk to your mum and get an appointment with your doctor, these are common problems with our delicate lady areas :)

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Why would a pessary be indicated for a 13 year old?
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I used tampax when I was 13 and maintained my virginity Tom, a pessary is just the same and it melts inside the vagina and cures the symptoms if it is thrush
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A pessary is also a plastic insert that can be used to support a prolapsed uterus----I had some trouble imagining a 13 year old with a prolapsed uterus.

Thanks for correcting my thought process.
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Talking to your mom should be the first thing you do. An unpleasant odor from your vagina usually indicates something is out of balance. For a young girl like yourself, I'm going to guess a yeast infection. There are medications to help you with this and your mom will know all about it. Spraying perfume and other things to cover up the odor are actually going to make things worse for you. Your body has a natural way of cleaning itself, and things like perfume, and douches just upset the natural balance of your body even further. Once you get the yeast infection cleared, eating yogurt will aid your body in keeping yeast growth in check. First to your mom or other adult, they can help you easily.

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Here's a good site with a good deal of information that you may or may not know:

Also, read this: 

"An estimated 20% to 40% of American women between ages 15 and 44 say they use a vaginal douche. Higher rates are seen in teens and African-American and Hispanic women. Besides making themselves feel fresher, women say they douche to get rid of unpleasant odors, wash away menstrual blood after their period, avoid getting sexually transmitted diseases, and prevent a pregnancy after intercourse.

Yet, health experts say douching is not effective for any of these purposes. They also warn that it can actually increase the risk of infections, pregnancy complications, and other health problems."

(I added the bold type.)

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