There is a cure for type 2 diabetes in the market with 100% refunds if it doesn't work?


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I've been A T2 diabetic, diagnosed in 2009.  I do lots of reading about this and am fortunate enough to have a wonderful endocrinologist.  There is no cure for T2 diabetes but there is a lot one can do to manage their condition.  For the first few years I was on 2 kinds of insulin a and 3 other medications.  After loosing 70 pounds and adjusting my diet and daily exercise, I am off all insulin and just take one daily medication to help level my numbers.  This most certainly is a condition that requires one to be constantly involved in their own health. 

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No. If there were, do you think over 23 million Americans would still have it? The best anyone can do is eat a well portioned and balanced diet and exercise. One might  be able to reverse it.

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Sadly, diabetes is a chronic illness for which there is no cure. Those with Type II diabetes (non-insulin-dependent diabetes) can often control their condition by diet and exercise, because suitable exercise and a good diet promote a healthy vascular system.

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