Is There A Cure For Lock Jaw?


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Yes go 4 j.p dantrakshak gum powder!!! Its an ayurvedic product n have cent % results!!!!!
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Regular use of Dantavali toothpowder to give you lot relaxation  but along  with some mouth exercises , will help to get rid off  from the problem.
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There are treatments to stop the spread of Lockjaw such as a tetanus vaccine, however, signs of having lockjaw (tetanus) may take anywhere from 2 days to 2 months to appear, but commonly appear within 14 days of injury. At the moment, there is no cure for lockjaw, but some doctors or hospitals may put you on Keflex (a form of penicillin) or Cephalexin (generic form of Keflex) those are all types of antibiotics which fight bacteria in the body. Depending on the intensity of your infection, dosage may vary.


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