I am feeling very uncomfortable and cannot sleep. My body feels bloated and weird. What can I do?


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Matt Radiance answered

1.The bloated feeling guides me to advise to check with a doctor or health adviser cause it could be something wrong with your internal organs (since you didn't mentioned anything visible) for instance, a high blood pressure can makes you feel like that specially over your head or maybe you've got toxicated (anything is possible)

2.It could be also nothing serious, stress and pressure can cause such feelings, swallows and aches due overthinking, sudden act of stress during daily life ect . . .also geographical changes might be a clue, if you change to another city , country or even another location nearby. 

3.There's another chance also maybe you're not taking care of your sleeping environment and not providing yourself a suit atmosphere for your rest time!

These are what i could think of now!

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Barb Cala answered

See your doctor.  We would have no idea what's wrong with you.  Your symptoms could mean all sorts of things or nothing at all.

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Jann Nikka answered

Maybe your pregnant, visit your doctor.

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