Bloating And Uncomfortable, Could I Be Pregnant?


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I think it is definitely time to see your ob/gyn. Doctor.  You do have some interesting symptoms there, that could mean possible pregnancy.  The home preg. Tests can be pretty accurate, but they do mess up at times.  Best to go to your doctor to make sure, and to get checked out.  The early symptoms are many, including a heaviness or pressure in the tummy area.  I had that with my 1st.  God Bless!
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I am reading a book on pregnancy and yes it is a sign. Also some more signs are; swollen breast, frequent urination, enlarged and darker areolas and a clear to white mucus like discharge. Hope that this helps.
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Hi everyone, my husband & I concieved 13 days ago and I am expecting my period in 2 days. About a week after we concieved I COULD NOT stop eating & when had finished a meal I wasnt full & was ready for
which is unusual for me. Then Last night I had very uncomfortable bloating & I felt like I was going to pop it hurt so much. Also I have had lots of gas the past week too. I am just wondering if this could be an early sign of pregnancy?
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Yes you could be but the only way is to do that pregnancy test to be sure you wouldnt be showing yet if you were but you could feel bloated and sick test as soon as you can or ask your doctor to do so take care 
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I would wait another week, and then go and see the doctor about it. I don't hold much faith in the home pregnancy tests, so often they are wrong. Hope this helps, good luck.
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I'm bloated and I seem to get mad a lot to my husbun even for a little thing. I have back pain from the top to the bottom, but my breast doesn't hurt and my sickness isn't always there in the morning am'I pregnant

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