For the second time, how do I stop those ice pick (stabbing) headache? It is driving me crazy!


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Sounds to me like you need to see a Doctor for a possible prescription to help you out. Only he/she can make a proper diagnosis and see what will work best for you. This site even has an over the counter drug that might help. See your Doctor !

Ice Pick Headaches: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment - Udem

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Rath Keale
Rath Keale commented
I agree. If the headache is that bad, medical help is necessary.
Dur Duric
Dur Duric commented
I think the problem has nothing to do with with doctors. I need an alternative way.
Barb Cala
Barb Cala commented
Dur, you need to be examined by a physician in order for him or her to see what's going on with you. You might need further testing to figure it out. The problem isn't with doctors, it's with you understanding that you need to see a professional who's trained to figure this stuff out.
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It could be starting in your neck.

Do this, take the pole off of a plunger,

with both hands on either end and,

place it on the back part of your neck

and, pull and press downward starting

at one side then move slowly to the other side.

With out a lot of force.

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