Ice pick/ stabbing headache remedies?


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It could be caused by anything from improper eye wear, lack of sleep, stress and even migraines. Whenever i experience them i attribute it too stress because i can sit in a quiet room with my eyes closed and breath slowly for a couple of minutes and it will pass. Too be sure it's nothing serious a trip to an eye doctor may be needed.

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I deal with migraines on a regular basis....for most of my life actually. I've had one ice pick headache that I can remember and it wasn't too long kinda scared me cos it was so different than what I'm used to. It was excruciating but didn't last for a long duration. If these are happening regularly, I would see a doctor.

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A Spoonful of Yellow Mustard Eases Pain of Ice Pick Migraine - The ...

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Dear Dur Duric,

This is ground you have already covered I am sure...but can't hurt to mention, you have been evaluated by physician?

Especially if this is something new or different for you?

* * *

I have not encountered the term "ice-pick headache" before, just sending you my heartfelt sympathy...

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A headache remedy that for some people may work just as well as medicine is an ice pack. Long used to relieve fevers and sprains, ice can also ease headache pain, according to a recent study. Of 90 patients who suffered from acute headaches, including migraines, use of an ice pack brought relief to 71 percent. Over half noted an immediate decrease in pain.

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