How much weight will a 298 pound morbidly obese person lose if they eat 1,000 calories a day and limited carbs?


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Tom Jackson answered

There are books that have charts based on age, activity level, calorie deficits and other pertinent factors.

God to your local library and get help from a reference librarian.

Your question contains far to little information for a useful answer.

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Roxanna Natasha answered

1st of all, it depends on how long you do that. But it mostly depends on how good/bad your metabolism & genetics are. If your genetics are bad, it doesn't matter what you do (healthy or not) & for how long. You'll gain more weight faster as you get older.

2nd of all, eat less than 1,000 calories a diet & as less carbs/calories as you can. & exercise as much as you can.

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Too many variables pertaining to an individual to say exactly.

It is not an exact science.

I'm thinking the better question would be .. Just how healthy can a person get if they followed a healthy diet?  Still impossible to answer...but you get the picture.

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