Is it ok to brush your teeth before you sleep only? So your teeth will be clean until breakfast.


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Not really ! You should brush twice a day no matter what ! Especially because how young you are. Twice a day young man !

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not the best but atleast its something, there are people who don't brush for days on end and its super gross. Try and brush after breakfast too if you can.

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I brush my teeth whenever they feel gross- sometimes more than twice a day, sometimes less. I don't think it makes sense to have fixed times when to brush your teeth. If you went and rolled in the mud one day, you wouldn't say "oh I can't shower for 10 more hours so I guess I'll just wait"! And if you did that's gross. It works vice versa too, what if you did nothing all day in your air conditioned home? There's no reason to shower.. So why should you brush your teeth "right after breakfast", etc? It should depend on whether you ate a candy bar or apple for breakfast :)

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I brush my 😁teeth before I go to bed and when I  wake up.

Then at least 1-2 more times. Floss😃 about 4 times.

No cavities and I have all my teeth😆.

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My teeth always sucked in terms of durability and cavity prone. Certainly have had cavities filled!
SuperFly Original
Yeah, cat thats a random accident. Its not that which is most important, its the future and how well they last and are healthy for the future and the rest of your life. But, sorry about your tooth. You certainly arent the first person who chipped their tooth like that. Both of my parents have on random occasions.
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because tooth pain even a simple cavity can really affect you more then you;d think. Tooth pain of any kind really sucks for most people.
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The oral hygienist that has been at my dentist's for about the last 15 years says that she brushes after she wakes up out of personal preference, but she states that brushing and a flossing are essential after breakfast and after dinner to properly take care of one's teeth.

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My dental hygienist had a sign in her office. "You don't have to brush your teeth. Only the ones you want to keep".
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Teeth plays a very essential role in our health. High capability of serving meals and appearance both. And once a day not gonna provide enough care to maintain it's cleanness and strength.

You need to brush your teeth after each meal or at least twice a day. And you need to floss your teeth right along brushing and sometimes use good whitening and mouth washers.

After each meal is really my recommendation because each time you serve your meal or many other products during the day (in between each meal) can effect your teeth and washing it up is necessary.

Flossing is very crucial as many products has sticky traits and they fill up teeth's caves as you wouldn't even feel them. Brush is unable to wash them up. They stay there, release bacteria which starts to eat up your teeth.

You need to attention of what you eat, so you might be able skip sometimes and some other time you might force to brush more than two,three or even four times. For instance, if you got fruits for breakfast, in particular, apple being served, you don't need to necessarily brush your teeth, fruits are comfortable and apple is a toothbrush by itself. But you might want to floss, piece of fruits (specially apple's peal can stick between teeth which will be harmful) in the other hand, you brushed your teeth at night but suddenly just drank glass of milk, you "must" brush your teeth, milk will destroy your mouth if they stay around your gums and teeth. It includes a very bad breathing as well.

In general, during the day is very good for healthy breath as well, keep your mouth unwashed during the day could bring many discomfort for you on short and long terms.

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I always thought your teeth got brushed unconsciously while you're sleeping.

If I had to guess id say twice a day. As plenty of people have stated.

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I'd recommend brushing in the morning after breakfast and then once at night before going to bed. That's what I usually do, though I'll admit that sometimes I skip the one after breakfast and just chew gum or something so my breath is better, but my dentist always recommended brushing twice a day (though off the record some will say once every 24 hours is enough). Always floss, though, I know some people who don't floss and they've had a lot of cavities between their teeth.

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