Why isn't there a cure to cancer? 


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Because there is not a single "cancer" ... The term refers to many types of illness. 

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because their making too much $$$$$ so why have a cure

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Walt O'Reagun
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Not sure who is making money ... the government isn't, it's paying for research ... healthcare facilities aren't, they're losing money treating it ... research labs don't care, they would just go on to get paid to research something else ... must be the charities that are constantly asking for donations.
otis campbell
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walt come here to houston m.d anderson research hospital is the nations biggest cancer research and it is huge
Walt O'Reagun
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Sure ... but like I said ... if researchers find a cure for something, they just move on to making money looking for a cure to something else. Just like they have with every other disease they've found cures/vaccines for.
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There's no money in the cure. Sure they will make money on a cure initially, but profits would eventually taper off until there's no cancer to cure. The money is in the treatment which could last for life.

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There are cures if you catch it early enough, " depending on the type of cancer "

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Toooooo much$💵$💰💶💰$💷$💰 to be made on not finding a cure. So many known and unknown cancers. M.D. ANDERSON the world's largest cancer treatment hospital. 🏥🏨🏪

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Dear Kangen Water,

I trained as a cytotechnologist (cancer tests) in 1965, and have pondered your question...

The marvelous "cures" of Western medicine have come mostly for diseases caused by an infectious agent - bacteria and viruses. By contrast, cancer usually arises because normal metabolic pathways get disrupted for some reason; typically cancer cells are primitive forms of normal counterparts. And in the West, we don't really have a good philosophy of healing.

Also it does seem to be true that when a physician does begin to truly heal chronic diseases such as cancer, he/she is persecuted...for example, Max Gerson, the German physician who, before WWII, was curing 50% of cancer patients pronounced hopeless by conventional physicians.

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The home remedies for any type of cancer include consumption of broccoli, grapes, ginseng, myrrh, green tea, aloe vera, lycopene, maitake mushroom, soybeans, and wheat grass in ether direct or indirect forms.

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Because there are over 100 different types of cancers and just about that many causes. Plus people are idiots and keep doing things that are known to cause cancer. Why do people still smoke? Why do people still go bake out in the sun?

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The only sure defense or sure cure will come by the healing efforts of Christ Jesus during God’s coming new system of things. But proper eating habits and other good care of our bodies may well provide at least a better defense or a help toward extending our life a little longer at present.

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