I have a toothache and the dentist can't get me in until tomorrow afternoon. Ibuprofen is not really working. Orajel doesn't work; Any suggestions to help dull the pain?


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Try Baby Orajel (super strong). Be very very careful don't get it on your tongue.

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My doctor says if I ever have a toothache to start on antibiotics right away because it's usually infected, and he gave me a prescription to fill which I could start on immediately on the first sign of toothache (he said take two for the first dose and then follow directions thereafter). This helps so much within 6-8 hours of the root cause.

Also, many times someone has to have antibiotics before the dentist can finish the job sometimes.

You have great answers here for immediate results to help but I just wrote this in case anyone could use this info in their future.

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Why don't you try home remedies to reduce the pain. There are some natural tips, which are easy to follow.

1. Garlic

  • Combine a grounded garlic clove (or garlic powder) with a bit of common salt.
  • Rub this paste directly on the infected areas to ease the irritation.
  • Follow this method for a continuous week.
2. Onion

Option 1: You can chew some raw onion to relieve the pain.

Option 2: You can slice an onion and rub its pieces on your affected teeth. Then, after 15 minutes, wash off your mouth with salty water.

3. Cloves

  • Mash some organic cloves.
  • Drop some olive oil or any kind of vegetable oil.
  • Rub on the infected areas.

There also other tips that you consult more at: Home remedies for toothache

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