What To Do For A Bad Toothache? And It's On The Weekend No Dentist Is Open.


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I had REALLY painful tooth for ages but couldn't take time off work - I survived by taking 2 ibuprofen every 4 hours and 2 paracetamol every 4 hours alternately. (no more than eight of each in 24 hours) I also gargled with salt water to make sure I didn't get an infection (my tooth was broken) and used Disprin (soluble aspirin) to gargle with to numb the pain directly. (Make sure you do them in that order otherwise you'll wash away the aspirin!) Hope this helps you - Nothing worse than toothache - makes your whole head hurt.

Oh and a warm (not boiling) hot water bottle on your cheek at night. (not too hot or you'll burn your face and then there'll be something else wrong with you) :)

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drew answered
The tooth will feel better if you take something to reduce the swelling, I suggest Ib pro.. You can get pain meds at the er. Try keeping your head up, nothing cold and try not to get air on it. GL

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