Did u ever have a alcohol bath as a kid or older? No not a bathtub full of alcohol


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No, can't say I remember that. I did get calamine lotion baths when I got severe poison ivy all over.

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Sorry. I never heard of that one.

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Yes I do remember those but the reason they don't do it anymore is because it has been determined to be toxic to your body. The rubbing alcohol goes through your skin and toxifies your body.

They don't call it rubbing  alcohol anymore because of that.

Probably best to get wet in a cool shower and then sit in front of a fan to cool down . People don't do that anymore because it's not safe .

Also keep your bare feet in a big bowl of ice water and an ice pack on the back of your neck. Keep rinsing your head off in cool water from the sink.

Get a garden hose and cool off the outside of your trailer as often as you can. That helps a lot too.

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Dear Otis,

Yes, I had alcohol baths as a child, the coolness and fresh clean smell...I actually used to enjoy being sick, because of all the nice things that would happen (weird).

Please be sure to look again at Sincerity Annabell comments for you, I did not know rubbing alcohol on skin is now thought to be toxic, but it makes sense because it is isopropanol and you cannot drink it.

I can really notice now that I am old, I do not tolerate heat as well. I think you are younger than me, was it mid-fifties for you?

* * *

Anyway, you need to get through August now, the warmest month. Sincerity's ideas, ice bath for feet, ice pack back of neck, water on your head, all those help keep your core temp down. And I used to spray my mobile home roof with a garden hose when I lived there, it made a difference.

Here in my second story apt. In Tenino it can heat up, so I got a spray bottle for laundry, WalMart or Dollar Store...spray water on myself with a fan going...and if the weather really heats up, I plan to just sit in a bathtub of cool water, too. Enjoy my book there...

Eat cold fruit, melons grapes etc., ice water or iced herbal tea. Some of the country folk on Mt. Baker, I hear them talking about a swamp cooler, if you might know about those?

***Pet Motormouth kitty with wet hands, and put an ice cube in her water, too!

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I think once when I was 4 or 5. I was really sick and running a high fever. This was back when doctor's did house calls. Something was going around and the doctor was really busy. My mom gave me a few alcohol baths waiting for the doctor.

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LATE EDIT---per Sincerity Annabell's answer.

Fortunately, all my kids were 24 or older when this article appeared:



I was pretty sick as a child.  When I was 6 years old, we opened the presents on Christmas morning and then we took me to the hospital to have my tonsils out (scheduled).

And I remember having such high fevers that I was delirious---used to freak me out.

So, I didn't hesitate to give them to my children if and when their temperatures started soaring.

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Yes many times as a child. Mostly for fever and colds. Not so much as a bath, thought that is what they called it, more like an alcohol wipe down.

Every have warm olive oil put in your ear for an ear ache, followed by a cotton ball to keep it in?

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