What's worse? a drug? or alcohol addiction?


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Otis Campbell Profile
Otis Campbell answered

Alcohol is a drug their all drugs

Danae Hitch Profile
Danae Hitch answered

When an addiction to drugs or alcohol is out of control, Megan, I think it's a tie between the two. Both are difficult to stop without help. Your body gets addicted to that substance, hence the cravings for more, more, more. I wouldn't like to have an addiction to either because I wouldn't want to go through withdrawals.

Martin Garret Profile
Martin Garret answered

I think that drug addiction is more dangerous and worse. That's why drugs are banned almost everywhere around the world. But anyway, a lot of drugs are illegal. I mean, medicines. And speaking of health, it'd be nice to order them in reliable places such as Canadian Health and Care Mall. Wide assortment, affordable prices, fast delivery.

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