do you think it's ok to put a 9 year old girl on a diet?


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That would depend on the reasoning for it  .. Being put on a 'diet' is not just about losing weight .. It's about .. Or should I say, it's supposed to be about getting healthy.  Anyone can be overweight at ANY age and should control not only the amount of food they consume but more importantly the quality of the food they consume.  Some call that 'dieting' ... I call it changing to a healthier lifestyle.  Drop completely or at least reduce the high fatty, high sugar, high salted and processed foods and increase whole and natural foods (grown organically if at all possible) and increase mobility and activity .. THAT is a healthier lifestyle.

If however, dieting or restricting calories is to attain an unhealthy weight .. Then, NO it is no ok .. Not even remotely ok.

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There shouldn't be any need for the concept of a traditional diet (usually temporary fix to a life time issue), what needs to happen is changing the way they think, feel and what they know about food. It may seem like 9 is too young for this kind of information, but getting them involved with making healthy choices in the food they consume is paramount to reach dietary change and NOT just a diet.

When you fully understand this, you must consider that the food brought into the household needs to be totally re-thought. It's not enough to restrict access to the cabinet filled with Oreos, Donuts, Twinkies, Chips, and Soda . . . Simply DO NOT allow them in the house. Have a day or two once a month when it is a treat to indulge a little in process foods.

Go to a "Farmer's Market" with them and have them pick out what to make for dinner . . Have them be in charge of one of the meals each week (I learned a couple dishes when I was 9). Eat dinner at the table and make it a social family event rather then a convenience in front of the TV.

So, no diet . . . Change how the family thinks about food . . . Fruits and Vegetables should account for over 40-50% of the monthly intake, with Meat and grains being the other 40-50% . . . If there is room, add in a little processed food for a treat . . .

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If the 9-year-old girl has been diagnosed with obesity by a doctor, it will
indeed be pretty normal for her to go on a diet. These days, kids are getting
fat at early stages of their childhood and it is hence necessary to monitor
their nutrition and physical activity. When it comes to your particular case,
the girl will be fine if she is followed up by a dietitian. All the best!

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Just to be clear, she's already on a diet---a diet is "the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats."

But, for sure, if that diet is not resulting in growth within the appropriate parameters for her age, some focused attention on the current diet plan would be highly recommended.

And I would recommend a consultation with your pediatrician if you are doing much more than cutting down on "junk" food.

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Depending. If that girl is overweight and prone to be obese or something like that, you should have a balanced diet for her, of course you should consult a doctor for this. Because at the age of 9, she is still a child and needs a lot of nutrients to grow and develop properly.

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If the doctor suggests it. But I don't recommend it cause I got an eating disorder from dieting. I'm 25yrs old & still have it. I'm 5ft tall, 25yrs old & 80 pounds.

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Virginia Lou
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That is very sad, Roxanna Natasha, I am wishing you well... thank you for posting
Roxanna Natasha
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Thank you. My mom died so it made it a lot worse. I wish I could afford help. I don't know if a diet would trigger an eating disorder but I wouldn't take a chance. But I'd take her to the doctor if you're worried about her weight. If her doctor wants her to go on a diet, just be careful on how you put her on it & what you say to her.

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