How Much Should A 9 Year Old Girl Weigh?


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It very much depends on how tall the girl is to determine how much she should weigh. Other factors should be taken into consideration such as overall health, diet and lifestyle. If you are concerned about your weight or your child’s weight you should consult your doctor, as there are various programmes and support in place to help with weight concerns for children and adults alike.
On average though, using a healthy weight chart found on the Weight Loss Resources website ( you can find out how much you should weigh by looking at your height and following the chart to reach the healthy weight range. It is important to stress though, that this chart and website are aimed at adults and not children; as children’s bodies are still growing right up until they go through puberty, any excessive weight found on a nine year-old is most probably what we call ‘puppy fat’and will disappear as she grows older. Another useful source to perhaps more accurately determine the ideal weight of a nine-year-old girl is by visiting the Pediatrics site and using this calculator: It allows you to input the girl’s current statistics, i.e. Height, current weight, age, etc. To give a detailed result at the end with further links to other useful resources. It uses pounds to measure the weight though, so it is worth finding a weight converter online if you do not know the weight in pounds. The website also has a Body Mass Index growth chart for girls aged 2-20 which can also be of use:
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Well I am a nine year old girl and I am 93 pounds and I think it should be for a little girl but nine should be be 60-100 because what if they try to work out but never lose weight and thats how I feel so if your a nine year old and you make fun of people its wrong and thats how I feel! And its nice to try to lose weight!
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Im nine and I also weigh 93 pounds. I'm 5"2 so I really don't think thats bad. I dont look that bad really, but im trying to weigh About 80 pounds.
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I'm nine and if your nine year old girl thinks shes fat tell her that she really is not fat and thats she looks good just the way she is and if she still thinks shes fat tell her to eat better and to exercise if she wants to lose wight
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It depends on how tall they are! My daughter weighs 110 lbs., but she is 5'2" - very tall for a nine year old. Some of her friends are just over 4 feet tall and I'm sure they weigh half, but it seems normal. My daughter looks right for her size - not thin and not fat. She is starting to develop and she looks like a young preteen.
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My daughter used to be 130pounds  she was 8 years old then  now she is 9years old since october she has lost a pound a day now she weights 105 ponds and still losing ,you just got to keep giving them positive support and tell them how good they are doing she eating little portions of food .she's doing wonderful
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I think a nine year old girl should weigh about 60 to 80 pounds. If you more do not worry about it you just have to eat healthy and exercise. Well I think that you should not worry about your weight until your an adult. You are only a kid. There is no need to worry about your weigh. I am not saying you can eat all of fast food. If you want to look good and not fat though I would suggest you exercise and eat healthy. Sometimes when you are to skinny your weak. So yeah 60 to 80 pounds is PERFECT.  Hope this help!!!!
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Here's my advise. "ASK  A  DR". My daughter is 5'2, she weighs 92 lbs.  Dr. Says she's perfectly normal for her age. She is less than 12% body fat, and her BMI is normal. These 40-60 lb children probably fall in the less than 30% percentile with their peers. Which is not normal and therefore should not be taken as a norm for others. If a parent is telling their child they're fat, you're doing the worse damage. Your setting them up for problems now and in the future. Too many children and teens with eating disorders. Honestly, children these days don't get enough exercise. Get them off their computers, video games, and cell phones and get them physically moving.
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Don't worry people. Those skinny girls will get fat if they eat hamburgers, french fries etc. Some people just have faster metabolism. It is all normal. 

You shouldn't worry about your weight because you can be fat now, but be normal when you grow up. Trust me.

I am 142cm and I weigh 37-38kg, I used to be fat and I got skinnier as I grew older.

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I am a nine year old girl I just weigh 60 pounds and I am sort of tall for my age I am the skinniest in my class but I don't think it matters its your body if your 9 year old gets very big and you get very concerned try a diet if call your doctor but don't try to get in her life because they might think you think they're ''fat'' and can take it offensive.
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My sister Avery is 10 and she weighs about 53 pounds. She's really small and skinny. Very short and small bone structure. 9 is a very fundamental age for growth. Some kids don't start shooting up till they're 11, other's are already hitting 5' when they're 9. It all depends.
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You can't put a stamp on an age group's weight.  The
girl might be long or short and it all depends.  If she looks chubby, then
you know it's time for her to get more exercise.  Mothers need to teach
their little daughters to eat sensible and give them healthy foods that give
them energy - not sugar all the time, not carbs all the time.  If they are
fat at age 9 they will become fat grownups and mom is directly responsible for
her child's body nutrition.

I was chubby and am still chubby because my mom didn't care what I ate or
not.  I have learned my daughters when they were little to exercise a lot
and eat sensible and told them all the time that it’s no fun to be chubby or
overweight and they are looking after themselves now.  I set the example
for them in that time, but what I have done wrong was that I have ate the wrong
foods when they were in school and not with me and I still pay for that attitude
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There is an
international standard for age, height and weight for boys and girls. According
to this international health standard, a 9 years old girl should have a height
of 4 feet and 4 inch or 131.98 cm and a weight of 62.74 lb or 28.46 kg.
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I dont think so im a nine year old girl and my height is 4 feet and 10 inches and i weigh 82 pounds.And my sister is 11 and 4 feet 9 inches and 64 pounds! So im not fat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm a nine year old girl and I way 64 pounds. I'm skinny and not fat. I run atleast 1 mile around my neighborhood or in soccer. Atleast every nine year old girl should play a sport. Like me I play soccer!

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