If someone smoke weed 2-3 times a week for about a year, and then quits, how long would it take to completely recover from the effects and rebalance the WHOLE system?


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Doesn't take long, but for everyone it's different. Scientifically it takes upto a month to clean out the residual toxins from your body.

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Dear Macauluy Culkin,

This is only my experience, and not the research...

...but you mention "completely recover from the effects and rebalance the whole system," and I am not sure that will ever happen...I think the answer is never.

The person's system will eventually find a new balance, but marijuana has been a 'nourishment' for a year, permanently affecting the brain, and it does not resume its former configuration.

* * *

For me, I particularly grieved the loss in intellect; I enjoyed my intellectual abilities and marijuana really diminished that. Also, marijuana affected my emotional competence; that was a huge struggle.

I will say, however, it has turned out okay...you just move on, doing the best you can and now age 72 no complaints, there is a deeper kind of understanding than intellect and that does not go away.

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Macauluy Culkin
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Thanks for the good response. Do you think there are any foods, or excercise regimes one could do to recover from the effects?
Especially it seems to send certain systems out of balance, like the endocrine and ECS. Certain stories say that they recover from the effects of weed after a few months, but of course everyones anatomy is different.
I have been clean for 5 months, and I notice my acne cleared up straight away, but my greasy skin and hair just dont seem to go away...
Virginia Lou
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Dear Macauluy,
Yes definitely the wholistic nutrition, exercise, yes those DO help... certainly did for me...
As you mention we are all unique, I would say just experiment (all very gentle things, please) and see how various things do in your body, see how you feel...

Often the simplest things most effective. Example; the bicameral brain heals from right-left exercise...which can be walking! Maybe you are young, might like some jogging/running/swimming?

As an optimistic outlook: for all I know, all my care with healing my body may have made my life better than ever, who knows... anyway my life is very good.

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