If I Have Taken Klonopin And Xanax For A Week How Long Will It Take To Get Out Of My System?


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Well you couldn't have taken a worst benzos than Klonopin (clonazepam).
Klonopin has a very long half-life of 18-50. Half-life means how long it takes for half of the dose you took to come out of your system hours one pill can stay in your system for up to week or more. If taken every day for a week depending on how much you took per day and how often you can be looking at a total of 3 - 6 weeks for a totally free drug screen.  
As for the Xanax well it has a way shorter half-life of only 6-12 hours meaning they may be out in a week -2 weeks do not quote me on the Xanax though. The Klonopin (clonazepam) information and Xanax half-life information is correct though I am just not sure how long the Xanax will stay in your system  for sure if given a urine test.

Klonopin (clonazepam) and Valium and a could other benzos stay in your system very long. If you are going to take a Benzodiazepine and need it to be out of your system fast use Lorazepam
(Ativan, Temesta, Lorabenz) that most of the time will not show up on a urine sample and if it is going to it comes out of your system pretty quickly within couple days or
(Seresta, Serax, Serenid, Serepax, Sobril, Oxascand, Alopam, Oxabenz, Oxapax) which comes out pretty quickly. Check out for list of them and there half-life but remember what a half-life is and also that the more of most benzos you take the more it builds up in your system and the longer they will stay in, except for the real fast acting ones like mainly Lorazepam
(Ativan, Temesta, Lorabenz) best bet for a clean urine up to a day or so after but also depends on your body.....

Good Luck

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