How to use a special cure you have for headaches?


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Try drinking some water. A lot of times you are dehydrated.

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Drink water and in a quite room lay down, cool towel on your forehead. I also, listen to classical music very low low volume..

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Depends on what type of headache. If it's sinus, I will boil some water, put a towel that covers my head, lean over the water and breathe in the steam.

I also use Peppermint Essential Oil where the headache is.

I've also had some luck with BioFreeze that I got from my chiropractor. You can find this in chiropractor's office or some grocery stores.

Excedrin Migraine taken with a Coke works.

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Darling Divaa answered

I have used thyme /rosemary oil. Rubbing it on my temples and forehead. I also find that drinking a cup of chamomile tea helps as well...

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Here are some tips you can apply to remove this uncomfortable situation:

1. MassageTemple massage is always the first home remedy for headaches that you take when having a pain. Sometimes it is natural reaction of your body but sometimes it is a way of reducing the painfulness.

2. Ginger

Ginger is considered as a traditional natural remedy for headaches thanks to its relaxing smell and anti-inflammatory property. You can take this advantage of ginger by drinking ginger tea or increasing the amount of ginger in your daily meals

3. Mint juice

Mint juice is another effective home remedy for headaches with methol and methone in it. This herb also helps you relax after a long day working

4. Basil

Basil is an herb having amazing power in calming the painfulness in brain muscles, which makes it a perfect ingredient in home remedies for headaches.

Hope it helps!!


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A headache remedy that for some people may work just as well as medicine is an ice pack. Long used to relieve fevers and sprains, ice can also ease headache pain, according to a recent study. Of 90 patients who suffered from acute headaches, including migraines, use of an ice pack brought relief to 71 percent. Over half noted an immediate decrease in pain. Why does it work?

“A headache is caused by the swelling or dilation of blood vessels,” explains Doctor of a headache clinic in Chicago. “Cold will cause these vessels to constrict.” He recommends putting crushed ice in a plastic bag and pressing it against your forehead for 30 to 45 minutes while either sitting or lying down. Some relief may be felt immediately because of the numbing effect of the ice.

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