How Do You Know If You Have Hemorrhoids And What Do You Do To Cure It?


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Pain on bowel movement itching and blood in stools are common symptoms of piles sometimes the steriod creams work but best thing you can do is change your diet to consist of more vegetables and fruit also plenty of fibre this helps the stools to be more soft and easier to pass because every time you have a bowel movement with piles it irritates it and doesn't get chance to heal if your stools are always hard! Just try changing your diet for a while and try not to put pressure on your bottom! If this still doesn't help go visit your doctor as it may not be hemorrhoids.
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Hemorrhoids are  the dilated veins of the large intestine and anus due to increased venous pressure. The symptoms includes rectal itching, blood in the stool, lump at the anus and incomplete bowel movement. For internal Hemorrhoids surgery is recommended. Foe external Hemorrhoids use of steroid cream and taking of aspirin. For further information, visit Hemorrhoids
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Best to see your doctor for advice first apart from creams you can buy over the counter be careful not everyone can take asprin .
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Drinking lots of water greatly help smoothens the stool passage.Eat lots of fibrous food items, fresh fruits and vegetables.this is very natural and free of side effects hemorrhoids home treatment.

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