I haven't been hungry recently. I still eat, but only when my mom makes me. I'm not depressed and while I have a small self-esteem issue, I'm not trying to not eat. I am still going through puberty though. Could that have anything to do with it?


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If you're a young teen and going through puberty, there will be times where you don't feel hungry. However, starving yourself is not the answer. Your body needs fuel to function while it's going through many changes. So feed your body - it needs the fuel.

You might also find yourself sleeping more than usual - that's also normal. As with anything, you should talk to mom or dad about your concerns.

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Yes, you would think so. Self esteem shouldn't have much to do with it, unless you are trying not to eat, which you aren't. It is probably just a phase in puberty. Good luck, and take care of your body(I sound like such a nerd lol)

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A lack of appetite is not usually linked to puberty - if anything adolescents tend to eat more :). There are many different factors realted to appetite loss such as depression, stress, anorexia/bulimia, intake of medications or sickness. If you have a habit of skipping breakfast regularly, this may have caused your loss of appetite because your body is now not used to eating as much as you may have been used to. Stress may be another cause for your problem. You haven't provided many specifics but, stress is most common in many teens. If you feel you may have a mental illness such as an eating disorder, anxiety, etc please seek help from a teacher or parent asap to avoid future complications. In order to start eating in healthy proportions like before, begin to eat breakfast again (assuming you do not already), even if it is as small as a granola bar and juice box. Slowly add more food to your meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and some healthy snacks in between. Choose your most favorite foods (as healthy as possible) and incorporate them into your diet so you will enjoy eating again. This may even take months for you to regain your appetite but, you will soon be healthier and more energetic. Good luck.

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Yes. However for some, eating disorders develop simply because weight is a dominant issue in the family. Perhaps a parent is overweight or is constantly dieting and engenders an overly cautious—or even a fearful—attitude toward food. For others, the onset of puberty is in itself a factor. The bodily changes that are part and parcel of the transition to adulthood can make a girl feel that she is fat—especially if she matures more quickly than her peers. She may take extreme measures to stave off the curves of womanhood if she finds this transition to be frightening.

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