Is abortion murder? Please debate your opinions.


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Yes by all means. But to be born now in a world of uncertainty, and full of greed and evil, with not much of a future to be seen now, one has to wonder which is actually better, birth  or death as there really isnt much of a future for this world right now especially for the kids as my generation and the ones behind mine arent leaving much of a world for them. Please dont get me wrong here as I love kids especially my 5 year old Grandson but thinking about what the world is going to be like when he graduates in 2024, it scares the h**l out of me and makes me sad that we did this in our lifetime for our future generations. I hate to see these kids starve and suffer but thats what is coming, so is Abortion really the worst thing for the future kids of tomorrow?
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I wish the world could see your view. But unfortunatly if we do not have a bomb or a gun or a knife or an evil admiration for destruction, we do not matter. Personally I think that life as we know it right now is a test, and many are failing it with ignorance and attention seeking. I agree with you that to be born to this world could either be a fantastic oppotunity to bring more good and pureness into the world, to let them have the chance to make their lives what they will.
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Or be born to suffering and pain. But murder is murder, so is killing an unborn child failing the test and granting us tickets to hell?
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Yes it is i cant even believe that anyone can do that. I just had my little girl 6 months ago and there is no way that i could have ever done that to her. I believe it is a gift from god even if you don't think you are ready the lord will help you.
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I dont see it as murder at all! If youre pregnant and you feel as though you dont want the child, youre not going to take very good care of it, and it'll somehow find out it was an accident and feel so guilty. Plus isnt a fully developed baby, so its not murder -_- I hate it when people think it is.
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I see your point, its very good. But my sister lost her baby when she was 7 months and when my granddad died (after she was pregnant) my mother went to see a physcic and she told my mother that my grandfather is with a little boy, his great grandson in the afterlife. My sister was the only one to had lost a baby. And ever since i've been thinking, maybe they do have souls in the womb after all? It was really freaky.
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Yes it is! Abortion should not exist because it just takes another heartbeat away from this world! I dont think abortion is the answer to anything no matter what! Thats my opinion:)

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