My son had a spinal stroke when he was 13 he can walk now but my main question is does a spinal Stoke stop growth I haven't noticed him grow he's 5'7 his dad 5'10 or 11 I'm 5'4. He's been paranoid about it and I just need people's opinions Thanks?


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Angela Anthony answered

I'm so glad that your son has recovered the ability to walk. As far as growth, I don't think a spinal stroke would affect growth. You don't mention how old your son is now, and may still yet be growing. Your husband isn't overly tall and taking an average of the two of you....he's probably as tall as he's gonna get. You might talk with his doctor about it if it's truly bothering him.

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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

I would say be patient here as hes still young and Puberty wont hit for another 3-4 years where he could experience a growth spurt and I bet DRs have already told you this.  Until other changes start, its almost impossible to tell how this stroke will effect him, if even at all but that only God knows for sure. Parental sizes don't always hold true as my Mom was 5 ft 4in and Dad was 6 ft but all 3 of us boys are over 6ft 4inches so its hard to tell but tell him to enjoy his life  and don't be in a hurry to be tall  and that God has a plan for all of us and that he will be unique in his own way and time.  Happy Thanksgiving and good luck

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