What are some good cheap and healthy meals I can cook for myself? I don't wanna eat the same thing every day. Also, some healthy and cheap snacks would be nice for suggestions? And please refrain from suggesting to eat tons of fruits and veggies.


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You could try some crock pot recipes and what you don't eat, freeze and eat at a later time. Easy!

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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

My wife and I make simple meals of spiced chicken with rice. Change the spices and the flavor of the rice and it keeps it from getting old. We also add in either some green beans, baked beans,  or corn. It's quite tasty!

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Eggs, Identified in a recent study as being rather better for you than was previously thought.

Wholemeal pasta. Think of the stuff you can add to it to make a meal.

Brown rice (ditto above).

(English style) Baked beans - nutritious and full of protein and "good" fibre.

Mac and Cheese - cheap, easy and healthy (full of calories though).

Chili (spell it how you like). Cheap minced meat, and a load of cheap spice. Add rice - have all components covered.

Scrambled (wrecked) eggs - add a tiny bit of mustard powder (the British stuff (Colmans) rather than the feeble stuff). Best on wholemeal bread.

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Frozen veggies are cheaper than fresh, but still hold their nutritional value, so that is one way to save some money. Sauté them and add to either rice or pasta. My husband and I buy the family size packs of meat on sale and the break them up into smaller ones and freeze them. You can bake the chicken the chicken and whatever spices you put on changes the flavor, and you can always match frozen veggies to match.

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