I've had heartburn for alittle over a day due to a new cold medicine I was taking. I'm certain it's the meds. I stopped the meds yesterday evening. Is it common for heartburn to last that long?


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Hey Corey! Yeah give your stomach a little time to recover! Take some Tums or some prilosec for a day or two and you should be ok.

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Corey The Goofyhawk
Thanks, Angela. I didn't realize it could last longer than a few hours. Also, thanks for that Pretty Reckless song. I've been rocking out to it in the car, lol.
Lard Ass
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Oh yes it can! I bought that CD yesterday and listened to my Amazon download all the way through yesterday the whole CD is awesome!
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I had a hiatal hernia so I had it last for months. I found drinking hot tea, or even just a glass of hot water when tea wasn't available really helped. (No coffee, because there is too much acid in it.) Adding a small amount of baking soda to hot water can really work wonders. If  am not careful now it can kick back in and last for days.

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