What has personally worked for you as to prevent chafing on the inner thighs when running or walking?


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Ancient Hippy answered

This product has a weird name but it works. I worked outside in the heat for many years and finally found a product that works. It's called Monkey Butt. They make an anti-chafing powder and also a cream to clear up chafing. Here's a pic of the ladies version of Monkey Butt.

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Icee Guldiggarz answered

I tend to sweat a lot so I know how that feels. I usually use this body powder from this company called Assured. I get it from the dollar store and it works pretty well for me. You want to be careful with body powders or creams. Some people may be allergic to some while others wouldn't be.

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Eshmaal Fatin , Eshmaal Fatin, answered

Mustard Oil often helps in this situation. But initially its itchy but later on its very beneficial in quick healing.

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