If you get Road Rash (rash, Not rage) from diving or sliding into a base around a baseball diamond on a field or in a park (as opposed to on asphalt, concrete, street or sidewalk) what exactly is it called? It isn't Road Rash. So what is it?


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Road rash is literally like a burn. My daughter just recently had it. The blacktop took off the top layers of skin. It healed like a cross between a burn and a scrape but she said it felt like a burn. The baseball field diamond is dirt so I would consider it a scrape.

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It is a combination of mild abrasion to the epidermis, mixed with the possible infection caused by the germs and bacteria in the debris from the rough surface.

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I've heard it being called a raspberry, other than that I can't find any other term for it. You are should have a specific term.

Amazing how their uniforms don't tear when they do those amazing slides.

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