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DISCLAIMER: I am DEFINITELY not a healthcare professional, consider this when reading, thank you.

Adjust your diet, not drastically- you don't want to get obsessed or end up in a bad way- but do consider what you eat, and how much you eat.

I'm lazy too, and on my first day of a "gradual cutting out the bad stuff" thing. If you find that the bad things are in your meals, maybe voice your concerns to your parent or carer, and maybe request 'healthier' options, if possible (healthy doesn't always have to be boring, even though it sounds it...!). Or if they're not, cut down on any snacks you may eat (for example, I'm especially bad with crisps, ice cream, and chocolate, so chocolate was the first thing to go, next week, crisps, and then I'll just have to see how it goes), even try substitution, fruit, vegetables etc.

Research healthier foods, get yourself excited about eating healthily but DO NOT get obsessed, DO NOT take diet pills at your age (not being patronising, it's genuinely not good for you before full bodily development) and please NEVER make yourself throw your food up or anything. It's detrimental to your health. Apologies if you think I was OTT with the last one, but, seriously, do not ever.

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First of all, 11 is too young to be on this Q&A site.

Second of all, diet alone is USUALLY not something that will help you long term.

Enter you height, weight and age in a calorie calculator, and consume less then the amount to maintain your current weight. Drop all sugared drinks, and do NOT use diet colas instead. You should be consuming far more greens then any pasta, or breads.

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Will if your too lazy to play sports and want to lose weight fast then the best way is to play yoga. Yoga has been proven scientifically that it makes you lose weight because it boosts your metabolism and reduces your fat hormone and increases testosterone level.

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