How Do I Lose Belly Fat? I'm 11 And Weigh 163 Pounds. I Am Really Surprised That I'm Fat Because My Parents Are Both Skinny And Very Tall. I Really Need Help. My Whole Family Makes Fun Of Me. So Please Give Me Really Good Tips.


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I am 11 and weigh 90. I am a retired athlete and I have lower belly fat. I was concerned about the way I looked too. I have been eating a lot less and doing some quick and easy exercises like sit ups and bicycle pumps and stuff. I am sorry to hear that your family makes fun of you. It's not your fault and tell them to be quiet and that they wouldn't like it if they were made fun of because of their weight so to be quiet. You can try to look up some good exercises that you can do daily and also find a website with a nice, easy diet. But I do agree with the other people that have commented, you are only 11 (and so am I) and we are still changing and we shouldn't be so hard on ourselves, but we just want to look good in tank tops and tight shirts and bikinis and not be self conscious about ourselves. Also, another thing I did just recently was go to a store and buy a small, tight, slinky, sexy shirt that you don't look good in now, but want to once you loose the weight. You should keep that shirt in your room and look at it all the time and work up to that shirt so you can finally wear and feel good about how you look in it. Hope I helped.   : )
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If you have a wii, buy wii cheer. You can lose up to 2 pounds a day. If you get hungry after 4 drink water
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All you need to do is watch what you eat. Do not eat after 8:00pm, drink plenty of water(it fills you up) do not drink too much. And if you do not do other activities walking is a really good source of exercise. And cut out sodas if you drink them, dark colored sodas are the worse. Try not to be too hard on yourself you are only 11, and your body changes so much from now until you are about 17. Good Luck and do not be so hard on yourself, stress causes belly fat!!!!
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To lose belly fat do sit ups. To tone legs do lie on your back with your knees bent. Place a pillow, small ball, or some other item for resistance in between your knees. Bring your knees to your chest and squeeze them together. Hold that for 15 seconds and then relax.
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Try walking , running, sit ups, Drink lots of fluids this may help with losing the weight. You are only 11 yrs old all this may change soon as your body grows and matures. I am very sorry to hear that your family makes fun of you. I hope some of this helps.
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Yo I'm just turned twelve and I weigh 140. When I stepped ont that scale I thought it was broken. You might have a low metabolism like me. You should just eat LOTS of fruits and drink water. Exercize by running up and down the stairs or do sit ups. Try a push once in a while do this for 3 months. If it does not work, then you may have different genes than your parents. Do you have a reletive that is fat? You might have similar DNA.
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Girl I'm 12 and way 140pounds I know what your going threw girl ma family also makes fun of me but if we work 2gether we will both get all our fat out
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Try eating heatley and lots of water and don't skip meals such as break first ,beacuse if you skip break first then your body won't have the right amount of food energy through out the day ,and every thing that you eat your body will take the fat and use it as energy and then all the fat goes around your belly and hip and that what courses you to be fat  

don't forget to exercise it very important for you to exercise .
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Being overweight has more to do with the eating habits you've developed than whether or not  your parents are overweight.

Regardless, here are some tips that will help you and anyone else reading this lose some weight:

-Get rid of all the junk food from the house....out of sight out of mind.  You especially need to do this with your 'vices'...the foods you just can't help yourself with.

-Eat a salad before every meal, this will help fill you up for very few calories so you will end up eating less.  Just don't use high calorie salad dressings.

-Drink 8+ glasses of water

-Eliminate processed foods from your diet...switch to eating veggies/lean meats/eggs/nuts/fruits etc..

-Cut the amount of food you're eating at each meal down....don't go lower than 1,200 calories/day though.

If a more detailed plan is needed, this will help.

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Ikr! I'm twelve (thirteen in November :)) and I am around the same weight! I exercise well and don't eat much (and when I do its healthy 95% of the time), yet I can NOT loose weight.  Sometimes I resort to drinking a lot of water (pee it all out , real classy right?) or using something that makes me "go" (tums (if I'm on my period, tmi) , cranberry juice, etc.). Bye bye #TheStruggleIsReal

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You should not attempt to diet at such a young age without the supervision of a Pediatrician!!! He/She can guide you as far as an exercise regime and a healthy diet are concerned.  I think if your family members engage in this sort of "verbal abuse" then perhaps they should seek psychiatric help.  Good luck to you......

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Start following slow carb diet as I did with out exercise.
This diet is little strict but you can definitely follow it and  get the best results. It will change your habits all together. 
Five Rules to play the game
#1 Avoid “WHITE” carbohydrates
#2 Eat the same few meals over and over again
#3 Do not drink Calories
#4 Do not eat fruits
#5 Take one day off per week

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Stop stressing about your body you will change as you grow up! If your family makes fun of you, tell them to be quiet and that you are working on may feel bad but the outside does not matter, the inside does!
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I think you should just ignore your family. They don't know what it's like to be made fun of. I am 11 too, and I am concerned about myself also. Just remember, try not to eat so much junk food. Don't worry I love it too though. Remember you are your own person.
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Wow. I'm almost 15 I'm 5 foot 8 inches and I weigh only 105. Maybe you should use my diet: Potato chips, pizza, fried chicken and ice cream.I eat all tha.t stuff and I'm still skinny as ever

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