Ways to get rid of stretchmarks naturally and easily? Please from experience, I've looked up much online but I'm doubtful many of them work so have you tried any and they have worked? Like I've heard certain oils work, do they?

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Echo Jones answered

Stretch marks are permanent, they May fade but they will never completely go away, weight loss will help them be less noticeable, as for the claims about fancy creams and lotions removing stretch marks.. You're right they don't work.

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Darik Majoren answered

Best way to approach this is BEFORE you get stretch marks.

My wife applies lotion all over ever day. She has to since her skin can get real dry. Because of this she had enough elasticity in her skin around her stomach, that she didn't get a single stretch mark having two children. Otherwise it is like Echoos said, they will fade but not go completely away.

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