Anyone quit smoking cigarettes? How did you do it? Please share. I've tried quitting cold turkey but that didn't go so well and I'm doubtful about the patch.. Does it really work?


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You have to want to quit in order for anything to work for you. It also takes an average of 7 attempts to quit successfully so do not get discouraged if you slip up. Just keep on going. You can do it (:

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Want to quit smoking? There are a million and one suggestions out there... Everything from hypnotherapy to sprays that make your mouth taste like ass if you puff on a cigarette.

Whatever you do, don't try the spray - it's horrible, and you just won't use it.

How to quit smoking
If you really want to quit, the best thing to do is to find a motivation. For example, I managed to quit by putting all the cash I'd usually spend on cigarettes into a jar. I planned to use that extra dough to book a holiday, but I got a tattoo instead (cuz I'm bad-ass like that.

Anyway, as long as you've got a short term goal in sight, quitting can be made easier (although you've just gotta accept that it's gonna be hard).

Here's some other tips:

  • Quit with a friend. Teamwork makes it easier.
  • Take yourself out of temptation, don't hang out with smokers, and turn over the channel if you're watching a TV show where someone's smoking every 10 seconds(BoardWalk Empire!).
  • Try getting pregnant, that's a pretty good incentive to stop smoking!
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really i do quit cifarettes by using hypnosis meditation, and now it's 6 month a go i didin't smoke.

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Just quit. Reserch the human body on

the effects of smoking on the body.

Do you want to live, or die?

This is your choice.

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