I go to gym for 3 month .. one day my friend said that gym will cause of growth stun... i feel scared and realise that my friends are taller than me .. what should i do to be a taller and gym will cause stuned? My taller is 163 cm .. help me


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What a silly idea!  Exercise does not stunt your growth. 


I really should exercise more.  But I read somewhere: 

Rabbits jump and live 8 years.  Dogs run and live 15 years.  Tortoises do nothing and live 150 years. 

Lesson learned.

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The scare comes from people not understanding this article...


Certain weightbearing exercises in young teenagers are discouraged, however the body does need some form of weightbearing in order to strengthen bone. Doctors advise children not to partake in weights but to use resistent bands. I worked in a environment where heavy lifting was required from age 11, I'm only 5"2 but so is my mother and my dad isn't tall either.

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Exercising will not stunt your growth. If anything it will promote it. Exercise and a healthy diet allows your body work at its most efficient way. This will help you grow. And your height and when you reach that height are based on genetics. How tall are your parents? When did they go through growth spurts?

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YO have no worries here . . . Exercise is fine and usually doesn't stunt one's growth. You should be adding in about 20-30 minutes of stretching into the beginning and end of your routines though . . . This will make you feel better about feeling like you are compacting yourself . . .

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