Can You Explain What A Miscarriage Would Be Like Please?


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Many years ago I had a misscarraige at about 4 and half months along.  It was the worst thing I have ever experienced, emotionally, physically and mentally. It started with menstrual type cramping at work, gradually getting worse and worse and then I began spotting.  I left work early and the spotting became actual flow.  I obviously called the doctor and he told me to lie down and call back in 45 minutes or so to see if the bleeding stopped.  My Mother actually had something of a period her entire pregnancy with my baby brother so in my mind I had not yet accepted what I knew inside was happening. My doctor told me to take some tylenol for the pain and I did.  After a while the cramping that had been so severe my husband was going to take me to the hospital, had just stopped.  I was amazed.  I also felt a really sudden urge to urinate and the instant I arose from the bed to take a step I could feel something 'leaving' my body and I just lost my mind.  I was hysterical and my husband helped me to the bathroom.  I was crying so hard, sobbing really and as I got my underpants down and sat- it was over. My husband flushed the toilet and tried to calm me.  He did the best he could and I was just falling apart. We called the doctor back and I heard my husband on the phone telling him there was 'nothing to bring in to him'.  I was so confused I didn't understand what he meant.  It was much later- 2 or 3 days that I realized the doctor wanted to be sure 'everything' passed out of my body and that I wouldn't need a DNC (or maybe it's D and C, I'm not sure of the exact term.)
It was horrible. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I didn't see people or talk to anyone but my Mother for a couple of weeks.
I hope this is not what you are going thru. If you are, you have my support and my prayers.
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Auntimaime, you went to some horrible experience and I'm sorry to hear that you did. I hear from other ladies who had a miscarriage they said, " it's like being in labor to have a full term baby but you don't have that feeling of the baby coming out, it just hurts! Once you feel something drop that's it." I can repeat what you said 'I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.'
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If you're just a month pregnant and had a miscarriage, there's not way to know if you are. You'll need to take that sample to the doctor and run a test. We of all women have miscarriages in our couple days pregnancy and not know, it'll just be like a period. Sad to know but true. Please take care of yourself if you still have pain go see a doctor.
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You would start going into labor way before the baby could survive. You would have fluid coming out and blood. Then the baby would come out.  I really hope that you aren't having a miscarriage.
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Thmpsn your answer is close to fact. I am going to tell you a big misconception about miscarriage. According to medical dictionary, The miscarriage is the termination of pregnancy after 24 weeks. Before 24 weeks all terminations including induced or self is called abortion. We use the term abortion only when it is induced by medicine. And we say it is miscarriage when it is spontaneous without the will of the lady. Is it new information for you or not? The term miscarriage is being used in wrong meaning. In other words all terminations of the pregnancy before 24 weeks called abortion and miscarriage is after 24 weeks with labor pain and the fetus has taken the human shape
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No i mean explain what it would look like and that cause yesterday I got pains dead bad thought i was coming on my period but when i went to the loo i saw this pky.grey tissue and I don't no if it was a miscarriage or not!

i had unprotected sex about 6 weeks ago and i didn't no if i was pregnant or not.
i was late on my period about a week and I've stopped bleding abit since i saw it in the loo ...

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