I just poked myself in the eye, when I put on my glasses. What's your "I hate when that happens"?


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Paper cut

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Yin And Yang
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Poor River! You get em from licking snail mail envelopes! 😆
I remember them Tiger! I always licked up and down instead of straight across. It avoids any cuts! ☺
Ancient Hippy
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I always use a wet sponge on the envelopes. One paper cut on the tongue was enough for me.
Bella Jung
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I hate when I lie in bed at night looking at my phone, and it falls on my face.
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I hate it when I set off to do one tiny little thing then get side tracked doing a million other things and completely for get to do the first thing I set out to do! (It's one of my problems in the kitchen! Grrr.)

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When I'm climbing down a ladder and completely miss the last step.

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Yin And Yang
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I don't do ladders.... but I did miss the last step getting out of Yang's truck and ended up hitting my head on concrete. I felt so stupid! But what was really stupid was my decision to drive the hour and 15 minute drive home.

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