I Got A Piece Of Glass Stuck In My Foot And It Hurts A Lil When I Walk. It's Super Small And Hard To Get Out. I Tryed Numbing It With Some Numbing Stuff But It Didn't Work. I Don't Want To Go To The Dr. Because I Hate It When Other People Are Poking?


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Here are some options that you can choose from:
1.soak it in some warm water
2. Use tweezers
3.go to the doctor.

If you can't see it on your foot, shine a flashlight on your foot and watch for the shine of the object. Then use tweezers. If you can't, ask someone to help you. You can massage it or wrap it in a hot towel also
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Kendall Kirkland
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Ok. I finally got it out. I had a really bright light and i was using a safety needle and some tiny tweezers. It was a small piece of glass and it was really in my foot way up.

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