In class when my inside of my ear gets itchy I use a pencil and stick it inside and scratch. Is it dangerous and what side effects might happen if I keep doing it?


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Please don't stick anything in your ear!

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It's much safer to use your finger.

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Last night I was using a toothpick to scratch the inside of my ear. They’ve itched non-stop for 15 years and, though my condition is curable with steroids, I would have to give up on the tiny little orgasyms  I get from scratching them. Life is about balance.

The toothpicks are a new tool for me. For years, I was faithful to mechanical pencils and retractable pens. My wife loves it when she goes to sign a check and unwittingly writes her name in ear wax. Marriage is about compromise, understanding, and love, but more than anything, it’s about tolerance.

The kids were asleep and we were just about to press play on the season 4 finale of Breaking Bad.....

Read the rest of this hilarious post I just found---

(I would have italicized this post, but I wanted to draw you in...)

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Tom  Jackson
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Can you believe I had to misspell "orgasyms" to get it past the "bad language" filter?
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LOL! Fun read. :)
Yin And Yang
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I was gonna say... I once saw Demi Moore enjoy cleaning her ears a little too much.... maybe she was having eargasims!

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